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Headache over looking for an ideal venue to make your event a successful one?

Located at International Plaza, 10 Anson Road, this room has more than meet the eyes! We are dedicated to make sure that your event is run successfully; you are renting not just the room!

Our room is 474 square feet, compact and everything you will need to have a successful seminar or class!

We are available in various room setting:

1. Seminar style (up to 45 pax)
2. Classroom style (up to 26 pax)
3. Cluster style

When we design the room, we had in mind that the room is going to be mainly used for sharing ideas and building network, hence we not only took care of what a presenter or trainer’s needs, we thought of what the audiences might be looking for as well.

Our training room:

1. Color Coordination

While it might seems negligible to even care about the color coronation, it was one of the main things which frequently comes up when we are selecting the furniture, carpet and painting the walls. We want the room color to be in harmony, so trainers and audiences can focus on the information which is being transmitted in the room.

2. Chairs.

We all know that chairs are an essential in a seminar or training room, but sadly, it is also the most neglected part of a room set up. Usually, we would, go for a seminar or class, be sitting on a plastic chair or a banquet chair. You may wondered if it does matters so much? Definitely so, especially to your audiences.

To sit for a few minutes or even half an hour might not make much difference. But usually a seminar or class would go on for a couple of hours at least, you would not want your audiences to be feeling uncomfortable on a plastic chair or too comfortable on a banquet chair either. You would prefer them to stay focus and be able to absorb information.

Our chairs are carefully selected with the right softness, to help our audiences to continue to stay comfortable and focus for the next few hours.

3. Tables.

Our tables are customised for the setting. Our carpenters have been a great help – the tables are flexible, it has an additional storage space beneath for our students to keep their belongings and also an attached front board for the privacy of the students.

4. Independent Air-conditioner.

Our central air-conditioner unit is off at 8pm, however, we have an independent air-conditioner to ensure that your event will not be disrupted.

5. Sound System

You can play your video, youtube, music from your laptop or directly from your phone.

6. Projector & Motorize Screen

7. Wireless Microphone

8. Internet.

Armed with 250mbps, sufficient to serve everyone efficiently.

9. Flip Chart.

We have up to 3 flip charts available for use, we also provide flip chart paper and whiteboard markers.

10. Clicker

Look like a seasonal presenter – we offer clicker for your presentation convenience!


Weekday Morning/Afternoon/Evening Slot – $210 per slot.
Weekend Morning/Afternoon/Evening Slot – $240 per slot.

Sunday Evening Slot – $200.

Find Us! 

We are located at 10 Anson Road, International Plaza.

If you coming by train, take Tanjong Pagar Exit C.

Or, simply click on the “Directions” on the map to get to us from wherever you are!

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Mobile: 8688 6914