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Seminars are congregations of people that share a same educational, motivational or organisational interest, provided on an environment that allows them to receive knowledge about the topic involved as main theme.

The general objectives of a seminar are variable, and depend on the topic to develop, being a common objective to all seminar kinds, provide educational support on the topic involved for an audience willing to attend it due to their interest and developed theme, no matter if that’s a technical, academical, personal development or business organization subject, seminars always have the objective to educate and inform on the base of a specific topic. And for achieving the main objectives to every seminar, there’s a keyword to keep in mind: Professionalism.

Really attached to professionalism, the organization of a seminar can be the key to success, being organization a real difference, being not rare to find out there, apparently great seminar options, with lots of general interest subjects, being a total disappoint to the attendants, due to several “small but really big” details, asunpunctuality,lack of charisma on the speaker, sound malfunction, not suitable location for the number of attendees…;being a remarkable point about scarce seminar organization, the fact that many of seminar organizers, focus a lot on developing matters as the subject, the concept, the publicity given to the event and trying to get a “full conference room”, just improvising over other important details.

A seminar should provide a professional image, not leaving the interlacing and technical details reduced to a trial and error issue. Interlacing organization on a seminar, is a warranty to make it reach its objectives, so keep that in mind, being as important as the developing of the main topic of the seminar, the technical details surrounding the occasion, being a real sense of organization and professionalism given to the audience, a durable perception that will enforce the educational objective of the whole event, and determining a seminar was a total success or a failure.

Now, pointed the surroundings out, as very important subjects you have to keep an eye on, in order to having a successful seminar, here’s 7 simple steps to achieve this goal:

seminar 2017

1. Try to be a well-developed Seminarian:

Giving a seminar doesn’t only evolve the abilities for speaking in public or being not afraid to be the center of attention on a reunion. Not only the mere entertaining abilities you could even handle naturally, as sense of humor, grace, gift of people and loquacity. You have to develop quality as a seminarian, you have to try to be an authority on the subjects you are dedicating your personal learning experience, and the ability to exteriorize all opinions, ideas, discoveries and thoughts you have in a natural way, being necessary to build up credentials on public handling, approach, presence, oratory skills and even corporal posture in order to offer professionalism and build a solid image of credibility.

Education is a main object of a seminar, no matter the apparent irrelevance of a subject, or if it’s not a mainstream theme that catches masses, there is always public interested on a good seminar. There’s no irrelevant subjects, just irrelevant seminarians.

2. Try to reach and get the right audiences: 

Developing a specific topic of a seminar has to be a really accurate task. But getting the right audience to it is a matter of promotion you should have really taken care of with the topic you are handling on your seminar.

Try to be specific.

Promote your seminar on the places the audience you are interested can be easily found. I mean, you won’t have a successful seminar about medical supplies advances if you try to promote it on a deli. Getting the right audiences is a tricky task you should not handle on air shots to catch whoever had the time to attend it. From my very own experience, I have been around conference room places, and I use to get invited to join the attendance a seminar I wasn’t even aware it was about to begin, or receiving flyers from anonymous delivery guys standing on a street doing a work. A simple work that makes me doubt about the quality of the seminar.

Make it an imperative appointment for your public.

You are trying to get interested people give you some of their time. They have an agenda. Think on your public as customers you have to anticipate with enough time ahead, in the right places, promote it to the niche you want to approach. Teens? Try on a mall. Young adults? Try online. Professionals? Try on the faculty of a University, a guild of professionals in the field you are giving your seminar. That’s how you get the right audiences. Apply some “Ockham knife” to this task.

3. Be able to involve the audiences.

Good presence, security, sense of humor, positivity assertiveness, can be powerful resources you can take advantage of mixing them on your knowledge about the seminar subject. There’s no need to be stiff, you will only lose attention. Try to reach public being friendly, simple and humble through your knowledge and handle of the seminar topic.

4. Marketing.

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You have to Ockham Knife this part a swell. You have the knowledge, the instinct, the organization, and every resource available to market a seminar. Reach your particular audiences using logic, try to explore social media in order to give your seminar more exposition. Use public T.V, radio, mouth-to-ear publicity. But in order to make this right, you have to make sure you are conscious this is a hard work you have to delegate on professionals. You can make your own part, but if you are handling every aspect of a seminar, including the educational purpose, you will be doing something wrong.

5. Make a budget for your seminar.

Are you giving assistance certifications? Are you giving a coffee break and refreshment? Did you lease a conference room and sound? Try to be sincere about this subject. Try to measure all the expenses the seminar will have and keep a balance on profits and expenses. Try of not filling the holes on budget expecting the profits the seminar will give you, and look for the best offers on conference rooms available on your area.

6. Always make time for feedback.

Attendants will appreciate a seminarian who is willing to make them enlighten their own experience on your seminar, by giving public a chance to make questions, share impressions even get to know you. You are in the way to making this a way of living, it’s better to be recognizable and known from the very beginning due to your knowledge, delivery, accessibility and gift of people, instead of being just a static speaker.

7. Having a Successful Seminar as a goal.

Be not disappointed on scarce attendance, try to improve your organization skills, find a niche and try to explore it and try to learn out of your mistakes during the first stages on Seminar organization. Delegate tasks you can’t handle on your own, and remember, not everything has to be made “for the love of art”, your work has a value, an importance and you have to evaluate and appreciate economically your own work. Never lose the focus on this one!